My name is Megan, and I am twenty-two years old. I am a League of Legends addict. vVv Applicant


This is the beginning of my kandi med pack backpack. It is all peyote stitch and then stitched together. To be completely honest I am winging it. I will most likely keep this for a little while until I get bored of it when its done. Or perhaps I will just sell it right away. (: 

I still have to make the two black straps for the top and bottom (similar to the black strap between the two white sections), the back, all four sides and finally the straps. I am not sure if I want to make the straps or buy the straps.

If anyone has any tips, comments or opinions I am open to them. n.n;;

note: this is only the front. I have put about…. 7 to 9 hours into this. @__@ I know it isn’t much to show for it and I could have done another bikini top with that time but I am determined to make my med kit since I do not have the money to buy one. (And the lady who was making replicas of the left4dead med kits stopped making them). ALSO! I do make cuffs and such. I am willing to do kandi trades. n.n

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